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How was the Frisbee invented?

A long time ago, kids made up a game using metal pie plates. These plates were used to bake pies at the Frisbie Baking Company in Connecticut because they did not melt from the oven’s fire. The metal pie plates were available to anyone who bought the Frisbie pies. They discovered that it was fun to toss the cooled metal plates in the air and catch them. It was fun but sometimes it hurt to catch the pie plates. Sometimes, because the plate’s edges were sharp. Walter Frederick Morrison and Warren Franscioni saw a chance to improve on the pie plate tossing game. Instead of metal, they made the plates out of plastic and called them “Flyin’ Saucers.” It didn’t hurt to catch them anymore. Of course, they could not be used for baking pies but their new Flyin’ Saucers flew a lot better. They became very popular! Later, they became known as Frisbees.

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