Tanisha's Recycled Art Projects

Question: What is "RECYCLED" ART?

Answer: It is artwork that you create from used or old materials. My brother, Hector, loves making new things from old objects he finds. By recycling materials to create art, you are also helping the environment. Why not try creating recycled art yourself? If you do, email me a picture of your artistic creation and describe it. I would love to see it. Maybe I'll even start a Gallery of Recycled Art on the Curiosity Creek Web site! To get started making your masterpieces, click on the printables below for projects you can do.


The Art of Recycling 1: Making a Beautiful Candle Holder

The Art of Recycling 2: Making Butterflies from Coffee Filters

The Art of Recycling 3: Drywall Bas Relief Carving

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