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Dr. Marilyn Arnone holds a dual appointment as Research Associate Professor and Associate Professor of Practice at Syracuse University in the School of Information Studies (IST). She is co-director of the Center for Digital Literacy (CDL) and serves as principal investigator for one of the Center's signature projects, S.O.S. for Information Literacy. This research and demonstration project was awarded several National Leadership Grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and is a multimedia database of information literacy lesson plans, support materials and services for K-12 librarians and classroom teachers, and now higher education. With a background in instructional design, development, and evaluation, her research explores motivation and achievement in face-to-face and cyberlearning environments with a keen interest in intellectual curiosity and engagement. She has served as an evaluator of online learning for the Institute on Disability and Public Policy which prepares disability policy leaders for the ASEAN region. She served as co-PI on an IMLS SPARKS! Ignition Grant in 2012 pilot testing three online automated Web evaluation instruments researched and developed by Drs. Small and Arnone available at

Marilyn was lead author in 2013 on a chapter entitled "A Blended Instructional Design Approach to Accessible Cyberlearning" in Handbook of Design in Educational Technology (Routledge Publishers) with co-authors Drs. Jennifer Ellis and Derrick Cogburn. She was also first author of a chapter in The Creative Imperative: School Librarians and Teachers Cultivating Curiosity Together (Libraries Unlimited) entitled "Acting on Curiosity: What's changed, What Hasn't, and What Educators Can Do About It" (2013).

Marilyn has authored several books including Motivational Design: The Secret to Producing Effective Children's Media in 2005. In 2010, she released the first e-book project of the Center for Digital Literacy entitled From the Creative Minds of 21st-Century Librarians. She is also the creator and author of the Curious Kids series of storybooks and guides for educators to use in stimulating curiosity for research and for introducing information skills to children in the primary grades. The series was published by Libraries Unlimited, a division of Greenwood Publishing. She also co-authored Turning Kids On To Research: The Power of Motivation and several other books with Dr. Ruth Small including Teaching for Inquiry: Engaging the Learner Within (Small, Arnone, Stripling, & Berger, 2012) from Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.

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