Hi Curious Kids! Take a look at all of the things around us: TV, computer, lamp, telephone, chair, paper, fan, popsicles-- and wow, I just found some Play-Doh!  Did you know that ALL those things were invented by creative and curious people? They came up with an idea, designed it, and usually even built it. These people are called inventors. And what the inventor creates is called an invention. Visit each of these sites to learn about some cool stuff people have invented. Remember, each of YOU has the potential to be an inventor!  

Check Out These Cool Invention Sites:

By Kids for Kids 

Here's a great site where you can find out about inventors... who are Curious Kids just like you! Are YOU an inventor too? You can submit your ideas for a new game, toy, or other cool invention. You can even win prizes and money through BKFK contests!


Fun With History

If you want to learn about inventors, this is the site for you! You can read and even watch videos about famous inventors and their even more famous inventions. Get to know Thomas Alva Edison, the Wright Brothers, and more!

 National Toy Hall of Fame

Do you like toys? Well, who doesn't?! The National Toy Hall of Fame collects some of the most popular toys throughout history. You'll find the Barbie, the Big Wheel trike... even the cardboard box! Remember, all these toys were invented by someone. What kind of toy would YOU invent?

Psstt, don't forget to visit my Invention Dimension page in Curiosity Creek!



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