Are you looking for some kid-friendly search engines to answer a question? Or do you need to search for images, sounds, or even videos for a special project? Below, you'll find some great search engines for kids, plus some cool sites where you can find photos, sound effects and more!




 Search engines are wonderful tools! All we have to do is type something in, and the search engine will bring us results from all over the internet. Did you know that some search engines are JUST FOR KIDS? Here are some Curiosity Creek favorites!


Kids and even teens love this safe search engine! Just type in your interest, and you'll see thousands of results!


Check out this cool, kid-friendly search engine to research your interests! You'll also find tons of links to internet safety tips, games, and much more!

Want to explore your favorite sites... on a search engine with a picture of a T-REX?? Check this out! You can search for anything... even dinosaurs!


You can find lots of stuff on this site-- even how to be a Web Ranger through the National Park Service's online Junior Ranger Program!




It's so much fun to find pictures online! Sometimes we even use pictures in our school projects. But did you know that some pictures are protected by COPYRIGHT? COPYRIGHT means that someone owns the picture-- to use it, you need to ask for permission! Sometimes you even have to PAY!

These sites all have pictures that are COPYRIGHT-FREE. That means you can use them for your projects FOR FREE, without asking for permission! Check them out!

Want to find pictures of animals all across the United States? Look no further! This site has hundreds to choose from, and they're all free.

Do you love science? We LOVE science here at Curiosity Creek! Check out this website to find science-related pictures-- you can search for lightning, volcanoes, and more!

William Vann hosts this website full of great images for students and educators... and they are all free! (Thank you, William!)

Find free images of animals, space, even food!

**** PLUS . . .  you can find copyright-free images right here at Curiosity Creek. Just visit the Curiosity Creek Public Domain Image Library!****

Cue the Sound Effects!

Did you know that you can find SOUNDS online? Follow these links for free sound clips you can download!

Follow this link to hear geese, bears, even BATS!

On this site, you'll find sounds from the city and sounds from nature! Check it out!

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